Pakboats (Folding Canoes & Kayaks)

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Packboats (Folding Canoes & Kayaks)

Folding PakCanoe Canoes and Folding Puffin Kayaks from Pakboats

“We couldn't believe how well these canoes take abuse. They are much more durable than any hard boat I've paddled. I am impressed!” ~ Cliff Jacobson

Flexible PakCanoes ride over waves rather than crash into them. Reinforced PVC skin and tubular aluminum frames make this possible. Each light-weight PakCanoe stores in a 35" x 17" x 13" bag. Seats, duffel bag, repair kit, pump, and instructions included. Available in Red or Green. Ask about accessories.

Please feel free to call or e-mail us with questions, and ask for our canoe/kayak specialist, Steve Schon.

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PakCanoe 160 Folding Canoe PakCanoe 160 is the best all-round canoe. It can carry two people ..
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Puffin Saranac 15' 6" length, the Saranac offers the versatility to carry&..


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