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Boundary Waters Birding List

Call Drew Brockett or Adam Macht toll free at 1-800-223-6565 for more information about anything related to Canoe Trip Outfitting and the Boundary Waters

Birds you might see in the Boundary Waters

Here is a list of twenty-four birds that you can find while paddling, portaging and camping in the BWCA. Take this list on your next trip and see how many your friends and family can identify. With a pair of binoculars and a field guide you can easily see many more. We’ve left a few blank spaces at the end for you to add any others you see.

___Common Merganser
___Ruffed Grouse
___Common Loon
___Great Blue Heron
___Turkey Vulture
___Bald Eagle
___Spotted Sandpiper
___Herring Gull
___Belted Kingfisher
___Downy Woodpecker
___Gray Jay
___Blue Jay
___American Crow
___Common Raven
___Tree Swallow
___Black-capped Chickadee
___Red-breasted Nuthatch
___American Robin
___Song Sparrow
___White-throated Sparrow
___Red-winged Blackbird
___Common Grackle
___ ________________
___ ________________
___ ________________
___ ________________
___ ________________
___ ________________