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Why we do what we do:

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Routing Advice

Drew Brockett and Adam Macht, Outfitting Managers

Piragis Northwoods Company

We spend time in the wilderness. It sets us apart from outfitters who don't. One of the oldest mantras at Piragis Northwoods Company is "we paddle our dribble." It means, we know what we're talking about. Not just from books or maps, from behind the computer, at the desk or over the phone.

We know the Boundary Waters and Quetico because we paddle them. Each year and every chance we get, Spring, Summer, Fall and sometimes even when the snow begins to fly. It makes a difference to have first hand knowledge in your back pocket when you're talking to someone interested in exploring the Boundary Waters.

Where are the fish? Which campsites are nicer, more secluded? What routes are tougher but more rewarding? Where are the pictographs? What is the best way to waterfalls and which time of year is better for seeing Moose and Wolves? I have 4 days and want to travel in as far as possible, what is a good route that allows me to see the most of the Boundary Waters? How different is Quetico? Is a fly-in trip really worth it?

These are real questions and we have real answers. We can plan a trip for you with options or down to the finest detail. We can route you a trip for basecamping or extensive travel and we can outfit those trips with gear and food and canoes to match.

At Piragis Northwoods we also pay attention to our clients and listen when they return from their trips... if they noted a new development like a beaver dam, downed trees on a portage, a particulary spectacular campsite view or the northern lights, we'll pass those things on.

Routing a trip is a big responsibility, it is also a free service that we provide to our outfitting clients. We want you to have the kind of wilderness experience you've been dreaming of and we also want you to enjoy some pleasant surprises you might not have imagined lay around the next bend.

Call Drew Brockett or Adam Macht today at 1-800-223-6565 to discuss your trip and plan your route.