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Art in the Boundary Waters Guided Canoe Trip with artist Brent Spink
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Boundary Waters Guided Canoe Trips in the Wilderness with Piragis Northwoods Company from Ely, Minnesota.  Six days with Cliff Jacobson and Steve Johnson.  We've got the perfect setting:  a little place we like to call our backyard... the Boundary Waters, BWCAW.

Canoe Camping with Cliff Jacobson and Steve Johnson

Trip Dates: August 15 - 21, 2015

Call Drew Brockett or Adam Macht

Trip Cost: $1495 (+ tax)

Please Note: Final payment for our guided group trips is due 30 days before the trip begins.

Cliff Jacobson is one of North America's most respected outdoors writers and wilderness guides. He is the author of over a dozen top-selling books on camping and canoeing. Cliff's methods have been tested, tried, and proven over decades of paddling experience. If you have been paddling a canoe for any amount of time you certainly have heard of him and most likely have one of his books on your bookshelf. If you are new to canoe/camping and want to learn how to do it right, Cliff is the guy you want to be your teacher.

Steve Johnson had been guiding for Piragis Northwoods for over 25 years and he has built a reputation for being one of the best guides this canoe country has ever had. His knowledge, skill, physical prowess, and personality make him somebody that you want to have on a any canoe trip. Steve knows about flora, fauna, astronomy, fishing, and the history of this area and has the ability to make it interesting and easy to understand. He is a unique and incredibly interesting guy to be around. His enthusiasm and continually joyful spirit will rub off on you and make you happy to be doing whatever you are doing - even portaging.

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Boundary Waters Guided Canoe Trips in the Wilderness with Piragis Northwoods Company from Ely, Minnesota.  Six days with Cliff Jacobson and Steve Johnson.  We've got the perfect setting:  a little place we like to call our backyard... the Boundary Waters, BWCAW.

With these two guides working together you have a rare opportunity for an incredible canoe trip. It is too bad that we have to limit the group size to 7 because of permitting limitations.

There will be many opportunities for hands-on instruction in canoeing and camping skills; and times to sit around a fire and listen to these guys share experiences and expertise that has been honed over years of in the bush. You will be able to ask them questions and tap the vast knowledge they both have garnered after countless days on the water. Learning about paddling a canoe, stringing a tarp, making a fire in the rain, cleaning fish, making your camp secure for the night, dealing with bad weather, navigation, first aid, are just a few of the topics that will fill your days. You will come away vastly more prepared to be at ease and confident in the wilderness.

Both of these guys know how to prepare food in the wilderness. Maybe we can have a contest between them to see who prepares the best meal of the trip. After a day of paddling, fishing, and exploring you will be able to look forward to an excellent meal and warm conversation in a setting that will rival any you have ever experienced. Just think - this will go on for 6 days.

Make sure you bring your camera and catch these guys in action. Some day you can tell your grandkids or great grandkids that you took a canoe trip with Cliff and Steve. Enough said.

If you have been dreaming about a guided Boundary Waters experience with an opportunity to learn wilderness skills, this is your ticket. We take care of everything short of carrying you across the portage! Call Drew or Adam for more details and to sign up.


more about Steve Johnson:

"The guide, Steve Johnson, was excellent."

"Steve Johnson was an absolute superstar."

"Our guide, Steve Johnson, was the best we could have hoped for. He was so knowledgeable of woods, water, and wildlife, and a great cook too!"

"Steve Johnson was an outstanding guide and we enjoyed the time so much we may want to reserve his services again next year."

"Steve Johnson was great. His cheery disposition and paddling/camp/culinary skills made the trip a memorable experience."

"I credit the quality of the trip to Steve's willingness to learn what each of us was looking for, lay-over day, length of trip, wildlife sightings etc. He did a great job of setting up an itinerary that was suitable and enjoyable for all 5 of us - he was flexible, thoughtful and informative and always willing to help me improve my canoe skills. Just as important to me was Steve's extensive knowledge of the local flora and fauna - this is key for me and really added to my enjoyment of the trip. I also appreciate that he clearly loves the area and was happy to be sharing that."

"Steve Johnson was just as you advertised—extremely competent and knowledgeable on every aspect of the trip."

"The highlight of the trip was Steve Johnson as our canoe guide. He was great! We had utmost confidence in his leadership and he never steered us wrong."

"Steve Johnson was a great guide, never intrusive or commanding, but always ready to help and participate in many, many ways - including bringing most of his vegetable garden with him! He was a master in turning a dried bag of stuff into a real meal - although, having freshly caught fish certainly added tremendously to our dinners."

"Johnson was great; knowledgeable, but not all knowing and superior."

"Steve is a superb guide. He is gracious, knowledgeable, low-key, and a good communicator. Steve’s knowledge of everything is encyclopedic. His competence gave us confidence in doing things we had never done before."

"Superb -- Steve is like no one I've ever met. I think he could build a camp and feed us all out of a tree branch, a rock and a rubberband. Steve could make a gourmet meal out of a rock. "

Items you should bring:

Two pair of pants (nylon or quick dry)
Two shirts (nylon/ fleece/ poly) 
Three pair of underwear
Shorts and T-shirt
Multiple pair of appropriate socks 
Good rain gear (essential for a good time)
Wet boots (sandals (Keens)/ swampers/ chota quetico trekker)  
Dry boots (tennis shoes/ camp shoes)
Hat with a wide brim or visor for sun protection
Headlamp w/ batteries
Headnet for bugs
  Accessories/ Personal Gear
Sunscreen and lipbalm
Toiletries (personal items, ect.) 
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Insect repellent
Sunglasses and lanyard    
Camera and film
Reading material and playing cards
Flashlight w/ extra batteries
Map and compass
Pocket knife and /or multitool 
Fishing rods, tackle, fillet knife

Additional Spring & Fall Gear:
* Gloves (fleece and/ or neoprene)
* Medium/ Heavy Weight Long Underwear
* Warmer Jacket, Fleece & Hat
* Rubber Boots/ Chota Boots

Items included with complete outfitting trips:
* Canoe and Kayak
* Paddles
* Life Vest
* Tent (easy to assemble)
* Lightweight Tarp
* Boat Tape
* Toilet Paper
* Granite Gear Portage Pack
* Cook Kit / Coffee Pot
* Stove w/ Fuel
* Pots w/ Covers
* Fry Pan/ Griddle
* Utensils
* Cup & Bowl
* Food & Spices
Biodegradable Soap
* First Aid Kit
* Water Filter
* Matches & Waterproof Container
* Bear Confounder (keeps your food safe)
* Pack Saw
* Folding Bucket
* Pot Scrubber
* Nalgene drinking bottle
* Cook Grate & Shovel (Quetico only)
* Packable Towel
* 30-40 F Sleeping Bag
* Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad
* Pack Pillow
* Crazy Creek Chair

Call Drew Brockett or Adam Macht

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