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Why we do what we do:

Included With Complete Outfitting
Canoe or Kayak
Life Vests
Tent assembles easy
Boat Tape
Crazy Creek Chair
Vapor Barrier to be placed inside tent
Toilet Tissue
Portage Pack
Cook Kit with storage bag
Cook Stove w/Fuel
2+ Pots w/Covers
Fry Pan w/Griddle
Utensils large spoon, spatula, etc.
Cup, Bowl and Plate for each person
Food and Spices
Biodegradable Soap
Matches in a waterproof container
Bear Confounder Kit rope and pulley
Pack Saw
Folding Bucket
Pot Scrubber for caked on grub
Nalgene Bottle for filtered water
Cook Grate & Shovel Quetico Park only
Packable Towel
Sleeping Bag
Therm-A-Rest sleeping pad
Pack Pillow
Items You Should Bring
2 Pair Pants nylon or quick drying
2 Shirts nylon, fleece or poly
3 Pair Underwear
Shorts and T-Shirt
Wet Boots sandals, chotas, etc.
Dry Boots tennis shoes or camp shoes
Lots o' Socks of the non-cotton type
Good Rain Gear essential for a great trip
Wide-brim Hat or cap with visor
Flashlight/Headlamp with extra batteries/bulb
Toiletries and Packtowel
Insect Repellent
Maps and Compass
Knife or Multitool
First Aid Kit
Fishing Rod/Tackle for fresh dinner
Sunglasses and lanyard
Digital Camera
Playing Cards
Water Filter
Head Net
Filet Knife

To reserve the items below a $200 deposit is due for the entire party. The following items are available separately. Prices listed are per day.

To reserve gear individually click here to go to our reservation form and enter the gear you'd like to reserve into the NOTES SECTION of the form. MORE ITEMS AVAILABLE email Drew Brockett or Adam Macht with questions/requests:

Paddle (wooden bent shaft) $3.50
MTI life vest $3.50
Tent: 1-2 person Sierra Designs and Nemo $10.00
Tent: 3 person Sierra Designs and Nemo $12.00
Tent: 4 person Sierra Designs $15.00
Tent: 6 person Sierra Designs $18.00
Bug Tarp with Screened Walls 9' x 9' $14.00
Bug Tarp with Screened Walls 15' x 15' $17.00
Ultralight Tarp 1.1 Sil - Nylon 10'x14' with cord $6.50
Portage Pack (Granite Gear) $6.00
CCS Food Pack $6.50
Waterproof Food Barrel with Carrying Harness $7.00
Crazy Creek Chair $3.50
Camp Saw $3.50
Cook Kit (per person) $4.00
MSR Wind Pro with Fuel Canister $8.00
Big Agnes Sleeping Bag $6.50
Big Agnes Sleeping Pad $4.00
Food (ultralight BWCA-approved, packed in waterproof pack) (per person per day) $34.00
Satellite Phone
Cell phones are a “hit or miss” way to get in touch with someone when you are out in the Boundary Waters or Quetico.  You never know if you’ll get a call through.  Use a Satellite Phone and know that you are almost certain to get through.

We rent these SAT phones for your winter or summer journey into the wilderness.  Reserve ahead of time if you decide to that you would like to have one on trail. We supply a protective Pelican case with the phone.
$15 per day

$3 per minute usage fee

Contact Drew Brockett or Adam Macht

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