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Canoes for Rent and Partial Canoe Trip Outfitting in Ely, Minnesota

We are Ely, Minnesota Canoe Trip Outfitters at Piragis Northwoods Company
Call Drew Brockett or Adam Macht toll free at 1-800-223-6565 for more information about anything related to Kevlar Canoes for Rent and Canoe Trip Outfitting and the Boundary Waters

Many folks just want to rent a great, lightweight kevlar canoe for their trip. If that's you, you've come to the right place. If you need a few other pieces of gear to suppliment your kit, we've got that too!

Partial Outfitting: Gear & Canoes for Rent by Day

"Partial Out"

(We rent one piece of gear or more to supplement your needs)

You could arrive at our store with nothing but the clothes on your body, and we could provide you with everything that you'll need for a canoe trip into the Boundary Waters. From soap to swim suits, insect repellent to rainwear, we sell clothing and equipment that is made for canoe camping.

You may already have many of the personal items that you'll need. Just use common sense, bearing in mind that you'll be living in a wilderness environment - sometimes buggy, sometimes wet and chilly - and your comfort and happiness will depend on how well prepared you are for all types of environmental circumstances. But remember: you must carry everything you bring across portages, so bring only what is absolutely necessary!

We recommend that you bring three complete sets of clothing to Ely. Wear one set during the drive to and from Ely, and leave it in the car during your canoe trip. Wear another set on your canoe trip. Pack away the third set of clothes in a waterproof stuff sack to use in case of emergency - even if you're only out for a weekend.

Check out our Gear List for ideas on what to bring for your next BWCA canoe trip.

To reserve gear individually click here to go to our reservation form and enter the gear you'd like to reserve into the NOTES SECTION of the form. MORE ITEMS AVAILABLE email Drew Brockett or Adam Macht with questions/requests:

Daily Rates
Paddle (wooden bent shaft) Bending Branches Outfitter $3.50
Kevlar Paddle (only 15.5 oz.) Bent Shaft Outfitter special $6.00
Kayak Paddle Bending Branches Glide Plus $3.50
MTI life vest $3.50
Tent: 1-2 person Sierra Designs and Nemo $10.00
Tent: 3 person Sierra Designs and Nemo $12.00
Tent: 4 person Sierra Designs $15.00
Tent: 6 person Sierra Designs $18.00
Bug Tarp with Screened Walls 9' x 9' $14.00
Bug Tarp with Screened Walls 15' x 15' $17.00
Ultralight Tarp 1.1 Sil - Nylon 10'x14' with cord $6.50
Portage Pack (Granite Gear) $6.00
CCS Food Pack $6.50
Waterproof Food Barrel (60L or 30L) with Carrying Harness $7.00
Crazy Creek Chair $3.50
Camp Saw $3.50
Cook Kit (per person) $4.00
MSR Wind Pro with Fuel Canister $8.00
Primus Double Burner Folding Stove $10.00
Big Agnes Sleeping Bag $6.50
Big Agnes Sleeping Pad $4.00
Food (ultralight BWCA-approved, packed in waterproof pack) (per person per day) $34.00
Satellite Phone
Cell phones are a “hit or miss” way to get in touch with someone when you are out in the Boundary Waters or Quetico.  You never know if you’ll get a call through.  Use a Satellite Phone and know that you are almost certain to get through.

We rent these SAT phones for your winter or summer journey into the wilderness.  Reserve ahead of time if you decide to that you would like to have one on trail. We supply a protective Pelican case with the phone.
$15 per day

$3 per minute usage fee

Canoe Rentals in Ely, Minnesota

If you're tired of carrying a heavy canoe across portages and paddling a noisy, cold aluminum boat, we've got just the thing for you. The Kevlar® canoes we rent are "user friendly." They are stable, easy to paddle, fast and, best of all, LIGHTWEIGHT. Tripping in the Boundary Waters involves both paddling and portaging. A sleek, 40-lb Kevlar® canoe takes the strain out of paddling and the pain out of portaging. Do you have an odd number of people? Try our solo boats or our three person, 20', three seater that weighs only 50 lbs. We also offer touring kayaks for trips into the Boundary Waters.

For the economy-minded, we also offer some of the same streamlined canoes made with Royalex®. They are heavier than their Kevlar® counterparts, but still lighter than most aluminum or plastic canoes. Even if you own all the other gear you need for a wilderness trip, consider using a canoe from our fleet on your next expedition.

Four Person Canoes for Rent (per day)
Minnesota IV (23' - Kevlar)
64 lbs
Three Person Canoes for Rent (per day)
Minnesota III (20' - Kevlar)
55 lbs
Seneca (19'4" - Kevlar)
54 lbs
Quetico 18.5 (18'6" - Kevlar)
46 lbs
Tandem Canoes for Rent (per day)
Itasca (19' - Kevlar)
49 lbs
Minnesota II (18'6"' - Kevlar)
42 lbs
Boundary Waters II (18'6" - Kevlar)
43 lbs
North Wind 18 (18'9" - Kevlar)
45 lbs
Champlain (18' - Kevlar)
45 lbs
North Wind 17 (17'6" - Kevlar)
41 lbs
Escape (17'6" - Kevlar)
41 lbs
Quetico 17 (17'3" - Kevlar)
44 lbs
Spirit II (17' - Kevlar)
42 lbs
Boundary Waters (17' - Kevlar)
41 lbs
Champlain (18' - Royalex)
73 lbs
Spirit II (17' - Royalex)
68 lbs
Solo Canoes for Rent (per day)
Prism (16 1/2' - Kevlar)
35 lbs
Encounter (17' - Kevlar)
38 lbs
Voyager (17'6" - Kevlar)
36 lbs
Magic (16' - Kevlar)
32 lbs
Canak (16' - Kevlar)
42 lbs
Tranquility (15'6" - Kevlar)
33 lbs

Note: All canoe rentals include lightweight carbon fiber bent shaft paddles, comfortable MTI life vests,
and a padded yoke. All prices are per day.

Professional guides/naturalists are available for $150-$250 per day.

Click Here for your trip food choices (our outfitting menu).

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