Howl with the Wolves Canoe Trip

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Trip Features
  • Trip Dates: TBD for 2022
  • Trip Cost: $1395 (+ tax)
  • 1 afternoon at the International Wolf Center, 5 days paddling, 4 nights camping
  • First, second and last night hotel room in Ely
  • Full Outfitting Package
  • Guided

Please Note: Final payment for our guided group trips is due 30 days before the trip begins.

The Boundary Waters Wilderness has been home to wolves since the retreat of the glaciers. From your campsites, you can still hear wolves lonely howls or catch a glimpse of one along the lakeshore or portage. We’ll start our week by studying captive wolves at the International Wolf Center and visit sites where wild wolves are known to rendezvous.

Our 5-day canoe trip in the wilderness puts us in intimate contact with the wolves’ habitat, where signs of their presence are common. We’ll paddle through wild country where man is just a visitor. We’ll camp on lakes where visitors are rare and with some luck we’ll hear or maybe even see a wolf. If wolves fascinate you please call and join us in wolf country.

August and September are great times of the year to hear the haunting howl of a timber wolf, because the pups born earlier in the year are eager to test their newly developed vocal cords!

We’ll enjoy an afternoon spent at the world-renowned International Wolf Center in Ely, followed by an evening spent howling for wild wolves that range near our hometown. The International Wolf Center is more of an experience than a place. The historical and natural history of canis lupis is detailed for all ages and the educational displays could only be rivaled by real wolves. That’s the best part of our first day, because there are live wolves that make the center their home. In the protected grounds that surround the International Wolf Center, a group of wolves live in a habitat that duplicates their natural environment to the last detail. We’ll have the opportunity to observe them.

After our day of discovery, our evening of howling will get us into the mood for our canoe trip. We’ll depart the following morning into the wilderness of the wolf. This is a favorite time of year for canoe camping; moose are gravitating to the cooler waters, biting insects` are few, wildlife in general is more active day and night, and the weather couldn’t be more inviting.

Heading into the woods and keeping our eyes and ears open, we’ll try to travel where we have the best opportunities to hear wolves. Our route may include sitings of waterfalls, pictographs and perhaps even floating bogs. It will take us up close to the flora and fauna that make the Boundary Waters Canoe Area such an interesting place to travel.

Our days will present opportunities for hiking, fishing if you like, and relaxation. With each bend in the river and each new lake we encounter, the natural habitat varies and so will our experiences. You’ll want to bring a camera to capture the magnificent Bald Eagle, the sultry Common Loon, and the industrious beaver. We can’t guarantee moose or timberwolf, but we will guarantee a great adventure!

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