Sat Phones & Garmin InReach


Satellite Phone Rental: $15/day + $3/min

Cell phones are a “hit or miss” way to get in touch with someone when you are out in the Boundary Waters or Quetico.  You never know if you’ll get a call through.  Use a Satellite Phone and know that you are almost certain to get through.  Our rentals use the Iridium Satellite Network which has great coverage.

The Garmin InReach: $10/day + $.50/text

The Garmin InReach (Garmin bought DeLorme) is a 2-way satellite texting device with an SOS feature, and is the perfect addition to your Boundary Waters packing list.  It’s an easy to use tool that gives you and your loved ones at home piece of mind.  In case of a SERIOUS LIFE or DEATH EMERGENCY, the Garmin InReach’s SOS service allows you to contact emergency services to get the help that you need.  You even get confirmation that your emergency message went through.

In addition to the emergency features of the InReach, it also allows you to communicate via text with anyone in the world.  Use it to check in with loved ones at home while you are in the wilderness.  (The InReach has many additional features, but the texting and SOS features are the most useful for a Boundary Waters trip.)

Some of you are probably thinking that the Boundary Waters is a place to get away from all the gadgets and get back to a simpler time.  Though we tend to agree, one cannot deny the value of carrying the Garmin InReach.  It is a small device that you can completely ignore until you absolutely need it.  If you don’t want to use it for texting or its other features, don’t.  Leave it in your pack; it is so small and light you will hardly know it’s there, but in the event of an emergency you will have an excellent tool to get you the help you need as soon as possible.  

SAT Phones and the Garmin InReach are available for rent for your winter or summer journey into the wilderness.  RESERVE AHEAD OF TIME.

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