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Canoe Guy Tyler here. In addition to selling canoes and kayaks, I maintain the entire rental fleet at Piragis, performing all types of repairs throughout the season. I also have started doing customer repairs and would love to work on your composite canoe! Scroll down and have a look at our price guide and some examples of our work.

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Repair prices will vary from one canoe to the next, so all rates listed below should be treated as estimates. We will be able to provide a more accurate estimate after seeing photos and talking over the phone, and the most accurate estimate once we have seen the canoe and damage in person. Prices are based on the materials required to perform a repair and the time spent performing repairs. We charge $95/hour for labor.

Patching can be added to any repair (for example, on a full refinish), but is not included in the price. We allow 30 days for each repair, and will hold the boat for that period of time, free of charge, after which time we charge $50 per month for storage. If you have a time-sensitive repair, we can discuss our availability over the phone.

Small or Medium Patch
30 min - 1 hour


Large Patch
1 - 2 hours


30 min - 1 hour


Refinish (below the waterline) - $85 Recoat Kit Required
2 - 3 hours

Kit + $10-15

External Skid Plate Install (HEAVY) - $115 Skid Plate Kit Required
2 hours

Kit + $5-10

External Skid Plate Install (LIGHT)
2 hours


Gunnel Straightening
30 min - 1 hour


Yoke Replacement - $34 Replacement Yoke Required
1 hour

Yoke + $5-10

Bench Seat Replacement - $50-100 Replacement Seat Required
1 hour

Seat + $5-10

INQUIRE BEFORE VISIT: Gunnel Replacement - $$ Replacement Gunwales Required
2 - 4 hours


Thwart/Handle Replacement - $$ Replacement Thwart/Handle Required
30 min - 1 hour


Full Parts Replacement - $$ Replacement Parts & Gunwales Required
4-6 Hours