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The Boundary Waters Canoe Trip


The canoe trip as a vacation was born here.  They come each summer from every state and many countries.  Each paddler seeks something different.  They are the fishers, the birders, the seekers of solitude, dedicated paddlers or just wilderness freaks.  It's truly been discovered, and for good reason, but it's never overrun.  If you come here, the lasting memories are of owning your own lake for a night, with a family of loons for neighbors, and working together to get your canoe and your gear to the next lake or to the next country.  You cherish the moments you spend here as a family, as a group of friends, or by yourself.  It'll be the sunsets, the pan-fried walleye, and the sand beach where you skinny dipped, even the rainy day you paddled back home, that you'll remember forever.  Make memories this summer by planning your next Boundary Waters canoe trip.

Piragis Northwoods Company is a Cooperator with the USDA Forest Service under the Superior National Forest.  We issue permits into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), part of the National Wilderness Preservation System.  This business operates within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in the Superior National Forest.  As a Cooperator with the Forest Service, we are an equal opportunity service-provider.

Canoe Trips at Piragis Northwoods Company


Before the sun is up every morning our crew is packing the finest gear money can buy for the finest people we know; our customers.  We want every trip for every customer to be legendary; the stuff great memories and great stories are made of.  As a tripping client of ours, you start to see the difference from the moment you call us and talk to the men and women who guide you through the planning.  Drew, Adam, Steve and Nancy love the Canoe Country and love to show others why it’s so special.  Like our whole family of staff at Piragis Northwoods, we live and work at the edge of the Boundary Waters because we love this wilderness and travel its lakes and portages as well as its ski trails as often as we can all year round.  It’s our one goal to see the smiles and laughter and joy that wilderness canoeing brings to you, our customer, when we pick you up at the end of your adventure in this great wild land.   


Here’s a little about what we do to make your trip so special:  It starts with the guidance we offer for free like helping you pick your entry point and your canoe route and getting the permits; arranging the shuttles around your schedule and arranging for housing before and after your trip.  We can match you up with one of our professional guides to make your trip carefree and rewarding.  The Boundary Waters is a user friendly wilderness so no guide is necessary but a ton of helpful information makes it more fun.  We don’t stop answering your questions until you paddle away from the entry point.  The food options we offer are diverse and sumptuous.  We use the best trail food on the market and include fresh and organic in every pack out.  Our philosophy on gear is simple; only the best, all the time.  You won’t find levels of treatment from tin to platinum on our web pages.  Every client gets the best canoes, paddles, gear and food there is anywhere.  We start each summer with brand new tents, sleeping bags, packs, canoes and cook gear.  We challenge any outfitter of trips anywhere in the world to meet our standard.  Piragis people have traveled around this planet on adventures of their own and we strive for and meet the highest standards of customer service.


Finally, our owners, Steve and Nancy Piragis have worked diligently for many years to keep this wondrous wilderness pristine for generations of paddlers to come.  The threat of sulfide ore mining is the latest and most damaging threat to arrive since the plans to dam the watershed in the 1920’s.  We pledge to continue our work in the halls of government from St. Paul to Washington, D.C. until the whole watershed is removed from the possibility of mining sulfide ores that could severely damage the ecosystem we hold dear.


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