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Imagine paddling into a remote corner of a canoe country lake where you come across a cliff.  You slowly move along the granite wall and then suddenly you realize what you are looking at........historic drawings from hundreds of years ago.  They are sacred to the natives and you might even get chills when you think of when they were made.  It's just an incredible sight and feeling.

Pictographs are located throughout the Boundary Waters and Quetico.  Some are bright and easily seen while others are almost faded away into history.  Each "set" from different lakes is special and might have different meanings.

We can help you find them on your canoe trips.  Just let Drew, Tim, or Adam route you so you can have the opportunity to experience the beauty and magic of a pictograph.  It can be one of the highlights of any canoe adventure.

Learn more about pictographs in Magic on the Rocks, by Michael Furtman.  Included are: history, who, when, why, what, and where they are located in the Boundary Waters and Quetico.  It's a great resource for anyone interested in these fascinating rock drawings.