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Adirondack 16'

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Opt. Current Designs rudder $ 200.00 +3 lb.

A longer version of the Kestrel 120, this model has all the outstanding attributes of its shorter cousin with minor variations.

The Kestrel 140 trades a little bit of maneuvering for even more efficiency, better tracking, more stability and increased gear storage capacity.

The Kestrel 140 is outfitted with the same generous cockpit, comfortable thigh braces and a padded high-back seat as the 120 model. An added feature is the Kestrel's bow hatch and bulkhead. The recessed round hatch has a rigid cover for a smooth deckline to reduce spray. Rudder is optional. 

Length: 14'"
Width: 26"
Depth: 14"
Weight: 43 lbs
Cockpit Size: 39" x 18.5" 
Bow Hatch: 8" x 8"
Stern Hatch: 16.5" x 11"
Capacity: 350 lbs
Price: N/A