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Day Trips

Guided Boundary Waters Day Tours

Piragis Northwoods BWCAW Guide Service

Don't have time to commit to a Canoe Camping Trip in the Wilderness, but still want to experience the beauty of the great northwoods? No problem! Our Guides are available on a daily basis and this is a great opportunity for those short on time and also provides a great introduction to canoe country.

Guided Day Canoe Trips:

Join the staff of Piragis Northwoods Company on a custom guided nature experience in the Ely area. Discover the special habitats that make the northwoods so unique; floating bogs, old growth pines, boreal spruce stands. Explore our country with specialists in bird songs and bird I.D., forest ecology and flowering plants. Paddle and hike during your excursion into the world of nature. Great photography opportunities await.

What to bring along on All Day Trips:

Good rain gear, sunglasses, hat, camera, sunscreen, licenses, water and water bottle, optional fishing gear...

Contact Drew Or Adam With Questions: