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Sigurd Olson Canoe Trip

With the Listening Point Foundation

Piragis Northwoods BWCAW Guide Service

Trip Features
  • Trip Dates: August 17 - 23, 2024 (This trip is CANCELLED for 2024!!) Please check other trips!!
  • Trip Cost: $1,595 + tax
  • 5 days and 4 nights in the BWCAW (8/19 - 8/23). You'll also spend one afternoon with the Listening Point Foundation (8/18).
  • Nights of 8/17, 8/18, and 8/23 in a hotel room in Ely included.
  • Full Outfitting Package
  • Guided by one of exceptional and experienced wilderness guides.
  • Maximum of 8 guests on this trip.
  • Participants must be 16 years old or older.
  • Trip Activity Rating: 1.5 out of 5
    • This trip will likely spend one day traveling to a basecamp. We may move campsites if needed. There will be some portaging, but it will be minimal. Participants must be prepared for varying weather conditions.

Sig Olson was one of the people who helped make the Boundary Waters what it is.  His books are very popular with anyone who knows about the BWCAW as well as people who just enjoy wilderness writing.

Join us as we help keep Sig's words alive.  On the day before the canoe trip (Sunday), you will see the famous Writing Shack where he typed away.  Also, take a little stroll into the woods and check out Listening Point and the cabin.  How exciting to see the places where he got inspiration.  It's going to be a fun week with the sights and sounds of nature (and maybe a few readings) as only he could write so eloquently.

Sigurd Ferdinand Olson (April 04, 1899 - January 13, 1982) was a writer and conservationist out of Ely, Minnesota. His lyrical, poetic style of writing drew readers into the wilderness, and inspired them to find inspiration and connection in the outdoors. As he wrote, he also taught at the Ely High School and then Junior College, and dedicated himself to the fight to preserve wild spaces. He advocated to keep roads, dams, planes, and motor vehicles out of the Quetico-Superior, and helped draft the Wilderness Act in 1964. Through the efforts of Sigurd and others, wild spaces all throughout the United States and Canada were preserved.

Described by many as the “personification of a wilderness defender”, Sigurd worked tirelessly to preserve the natural spaces that served as the muse for his writing. His emotional and unpretentious philosophies were honed during countless trips into the wilderness, and spanned nine books, countless articles, and speeches that he delivered all across the country. His words continue to inspire today, encouraging all people to get outside and find a deep connection to history, the universe, and that sense of peace that only comes with being far into the wild.

"As long as they remain, as long as there are any places left at all where man can still glimpse the unknown, he will be drawn irresistibly as he has been for ages past, and, seeing them, will wonder and dream and think long thoughts." — Listening Point, 239

We are happy to be doing this trip with the help of The Listening Point Foundation.  Please check their site out to see more about Sig and his incredible legacy.

Things to know about a BWCAW Trip before signing up: 

  • This is wilderness camping. Portages and campsites will have uneven ground. You will be walking over rocks, roots, in the water, and up/down paths. It is important to feel comfortable with your mobility on uneven terrain.
  • On a canoe trip, it is important to be able to get in and out of a canoe on your own. The landings can be slippery and rocky. You will also have to get up off the ground whether it’s from your tent or camp chair. 
  • We will be portaging on this canoe trip. You will have to carry everything that you bring for the trip (remember to pack accordingly). It’s okay to make multiple trips, but you should be able to carry a pack (30-50lbs) over uneven terrain. 
  • A BWCAW trip requires teamwork. The guide will take a lead role on camp chores and portaging but be prepared to pitch in to help the group.

Please Note: A $300 deposit is required to hold your spot. Final payment for this trip is due 30 days before the trip and is non-refundable. Please look into trip insurance if needed.

Contact Drew Or Adam With Questions: