Smallmouth Fishing Canoe Trip

Piragis Northwoods BWCAW Guide Service

Trip Features
  • Trip Dates: Jume 10 - 16, 2023
  • Trip Cost: $1750 (+ tax)
  • 6 days paddling, 5 nights camping
  • First and Last Night hotel room in Ely (if you come with a friend, we pair you together in a room)
  • Full Outfitting Package
  • Guided

Please Note: Final payment for our guided group trips is due 30 days before the trip begins.

At the peak of the smallmouth spawn our seasoned fishing guides will lead you to lakes where the action is fast and furious. Join us in canoe country for 6 days of nothing but fabulous fishing on wilderness lakes where the fish are hungry and never see a boat with a motor on it.

We’ll fish Basswood Lake (one of the best lakes in MN) from our remote destination. It’s bass fishing at its best but we’ll save some time to catch a walleye or two just for the fry pan. Let our wilderness fishing guide do the work while you relax and enjoy everything wonderful about spring in the Boundary Waters.

A rare opportunity for action like no other for those who love the excitement of having a fish on the line. Smallmouth Bass fight pound for pound as fiercely as any fish around and in early June in the Northwoods, the smallies are hungry and defiant. It’s spawning season, and we’ll find them lurking in the shallows.

Our guide will share their knowledge of different rods, flies, topwater and diving baits, water, and of course, the smallmouth during our week of exploring wilderness waters. You are encouraged to bring your favorite fly, spinning and baitcasting rods. 

Your first and last nights lodging is included in the trip and you’ll need to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for our early departure.

Our destination will find us on wilderness lakes where fishing pressure is lighter throughout the year and just wetting a line can get you thinking about the possibilities. With the first rise of a great northwoods smallmouth, you'll be hooked on a trip like none other.

We’ll spend our time in the wild following the fish and the guide and group will decide the nature of our travel. We want to meet the challenge of the smallmouth and still leave time for making the best of camp life. We’ll supply all the food, canoes and canoe camping gear, along with an experienced fishing guide. You just bring your clothing, rods, lures and tackle.

You’ll spend your last night in Ely where we encourage to enjoy a nice meal in town.

Items you should bring (DON'T FORGET your PERSONAL FISHING Rods and Tackle -- ask your guide for suggestions and secret weapons!)

A note by Harry from the 2017 Smallmouth Trip:

    Of five trips, this was the easiest and most fun Boundary Waters trip that I have had and the all-time most successful fishing trip ever!  A part of this was due to Piragis handling the planning and outfitting; this was my first trip that did not require extensive communication between the participants for planning and that did not still leave lingering concerns over things we may not have known to consider; Piragis took care of all of that.  Complete outfitting saved me at least half the baggage that I normally have to lug around airport shuttle parking lots, airport terminals, rent-a-car facilities, and hotels, just getting to and from the real trip, and Piragis accepting client gear shipped by package delivery avoided those awkward, tense moments when checking bags containing fishing or outdoor gear and with airport security personnel, who at the last minute may or may not allow items listed as acceptable to carry in checked baggage.

    On previous trips, Piragis had provided partial outfitting and outfitted my parties with canoes, paddles, PFDs, canoe seats, portage packs, stove, fuel, cooking pots, cooking utensils, backpacking food, and food packs, which was always first-rate, but I had concerns over the complete outfitting because I know my tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag are compatibly sized, fit me, and work; sleeping bags are especially important to get a good night’s rest.  You were correct, though, about the Nemo tents, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags being great gear and the Nemo sleeping pad is clearly an improvement over my trusty Therma-Rest mattress, both in sleeping comfort and in packing size.  I, especially, appreciated the light-weight, hammock-like, folding chairs that packed into an unbelievably small volume; they contributed immensely to the comfort of the camp.

    This was my first Boundary Waters trip where it was possible to stay up at night outside of a tent because on previous trips the mosquitoes owned the night and, at sunset every night, the mosquitoes would chase everyone into their tents.  Tim and Aaron choosing that particular campsite on Hanson’s Island with its almost constant breeze was very important in keeping the mosquitoes and biting flies at bay, but I also appreciated the mosquito-proof bug house that you set up.  I did not know mosquito-proof bug houses even existed and I was glad it was there, although I think it was only used one evening; under other conditions, I could see it being used every night and maybe during the day.

    This was my first guided trip and the luxury and comfort of this trip was due entirely to the efforts of Tim and Aaron, in doing literally everything; all I had to do was fish!  That level of support was totally unexpected because my only other experience with guides was from stories by a friend that used to guide backpacking trips and, as a guide, he said he set himself up as foreman to coordinate and direct the efforts of his clients for cooking, cleaning, and all other camp chores.  When I told him about this trip, he was surprised.  I am thankful that Tim and Aaron were the guides on this trip and not this friend; I can just imagine him barking out orders like a drill sergeant, all the while never moving from the most comfortable place he could find to sit.  The hard work and patience of Tim and Aaron were the major reason this trip was so easy and fun; thank you for making this the best Boundary Waters trip ever!

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