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Encounter 17'

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An expedition solo with exceptional capacity and good performance.

Although not quite our longest solo, the Encounter's width and depth added to its length make it our highest-volume one. As such this hull is superb for trips, especially if taken by large people.

Designed by Dave Kruger, the Encounter is optimized to track straight and travel well. Its length is one reason, plus it has fine ends, an arched cross-section, and a straight keel-line.

Since it has the most buoyancy of our solos, it retains its glide better when loaded, and it carries weight safely over rough water.

To maximize seaworthiness, the bow is quite full to rise on waves, and flared to deflect spray.

While its main purpose is trips, you can also use the Encounter to paddle light. It performs well for day outings and weekends. It is stable, yet is fairly easy to turn for its length. Gunwales that pull in near the seat let you use the paddle with strength and comfort. If you'll never use its full transport capacity, however, you may prefer one of our smaller solos.

Among our solo canoes, the Encounter compares most closely to the Voyager. The Voyager has more speed, while the Encounter has more total volume and stability.

Roomy enough for large people, buoyant enough for heavy loads, and rapid enough for long distances, the Encounter serves a specialized niche and does so with safety, security, and style.

Tuf. Flex
54 lbs


Kev. UL
38 lbs


Graphite UL
37 lbs


41 lbs


Bow Depth
Center Depth
Stern Depth
Gunwale Width
Max Width
Waterline Width