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Escape 17' 6"

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A shorter, deeper version of the Minnesota II

For many paddlers our Escape may be the perfect tandem. We based the design of the Escape on our popular Minnesota II, one of the world's most renowned wilderness canoe designs.

The Escape is an extremely efficient design in a more compact package than the Minnesota II. With similar lines as the Minnesota II, the Escape delivers excellent performance in a wide variety of paddling conditions. To keep the canoe dry in choppy waters, we added extra depth to the bow and stern. Combined with the flared bow, this canoe is dry in almost every paddling situation.

A foot shorter than the Minnesota II, the Escape is more maneuverable, making it an ideal canoe if you plan to paddle on smaller streams and rivers as well as larger lakes and bodies of water. Yet with its added depth, the Escape has nearly the capacity of the Minnesota II.

With this much versatility, the Escape is perfect for most paddlers who want a performance canoe. Smaller paddlers, people who prefer a shorter canoe, and those who spend time on smaller rivers and streams will find the Escape fits their needs perfectly.

If you'll often paddle long distances, and want more efficiency or capacity, the Minnesota II would be a better choice -- but for many, the Escape is a perfect match.

Tuf. Flex
57 lbs


Kev. UL
41 lbs


Graphite UL
41 lbs


44 lbs


Bow Depth
Center Depth
Stern Depth
Gunwale Width
Max Width
Waterline Width