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Prism 16' 6"

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An all-purpose solo with a good blend of stability, efficiency and capacity. 

The Prism has fine performance and capacity with enough stability for anyone to handle. Our best-selling solo, we recommend it to paddlers of all skill levels and for most types of canoeing.

At 16' 6" long with a straight keel line and a very good surface-to-volume ratio, this is a performance-oriented hull. It has sleek lines and fine ends for superb glide and speed. Ideal for cruising with a light load, it's also fairly deep and wide with full sides to give lots of volume. The bow and stern are slightly flared to deflect waves and bow depth carries rearward for even more dryness.

Among our solos, the Prism's capacity and seaworthiness is comparable to the Voyager's. And while it's not as efficient, it's steadiness makes it more comfortable for fishing and sightseeing.

When Canoe & Kayak Magazine tested it against five other touring solos they said, "The Prism is all about glide and speed. It's a lean boat that tracks the best of those reviewed, yet will turn quickly enough, and returns to a stable position more readily than other fast canoes."

The Prism holds center-stage among our solos. It's not a day tripper like the Vagabond, or a cruise missile like the Voyager, or a fast freighter like the Encounter. It's not any one of those, because it's all of them in fair measure, and is our most-versatile solo.

Tuf. Flex
40 lbs


Kev. UL
30 lbs


Graphite UL
29 lbs


32 lbs


16' 6"
Bow Depth
Center Depth
Stern Depth
Gunwale Width
Max Width
Waterline Width