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Seneca 19' 4"

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Specifically designed for three paddlers with great stability and freeboard. 

The largest member of Wenonah’s modestly rockered, tripping canoe family, the Seneca is highly maneuverable, while maintaining great initial stability and freeboard. The increased initial stability makes the Seneca a solid hook-setting platform for three aggressive anglers. The Seneca also offers the speed and efficiency that will allow three developing paddlers to match the pace of even the most powerful tandem canoe team.

Serving as an alternative to the tag along solo canoe, the Seneca is designed with that extra camper in mind. Designed specifically as a MN Boundary Waters Canoe Area campsite maximizer, the Seneca allows for that 9th group member to comfortably tag along while complying with the 4 boats and 9 campers per group regulation.

Whether it is to create room for that extra friend or make space for two larger paddlers with massive amounts of gear, the Seneca will bring peace and harmony to all larger paddling groups, as well as being great for a leisurely paddle with the whole family.

The Seneca is currently available in Wenonah’s industry leading Kevlar Ultra-light livery lay up and silver trim.

Kev. UL
55 lbs


19' 4"
Bow Depth
Center Depth
Stern Depth
Gunwale Width
Max Width
Waterline Width