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Solo Plus 16' 6"

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Designed to use as both a solo and a light-duty tandem hull.

The Solo Plus is a 16'6" hull with three seats... not so three can ride but to use as both a solo or a tandem canoe!

You can add a seat to some tandems for solo use, but most are too wide to reach the water easily from the center. Conversely, most solos are too narrow to fit paddlers in the ends. We shaped one hull to suit solo or tandem use, and the Solo Plus is unique since it works well both ways. It's wider in the ends than most solos, yet narrower in the center than most tandems.

Used solo, it's a stable, efficient touring hull with high capacity. Tandem, it's a short, performance design. It's fast but less stable than our other tandems, and hauls light gear only.

Some other models can also serve for solo / tandem use. The Escapade, for example, is designed to work well with an added center seat, but is focus is different: The 3-seat Escapade is better for tandem paddling but works adequately as a solo, while the Solo Plus is better for the solo paddler who wishes to go tandem sometimes.

Built in composites, this is a light-weight, high-performance, dual-purpose hull and is an exceptional value because it gives you, in essence, two canoes for the price of one.

Tuf. Flex
54 lbs


Kev. UL
40 lbs


Graphite UL
40 lbs


43 lbs


16' 6"
Bow Depth
Center Depth
Stern Depth
Gunwale Width
Max Width
Waterline Width